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Tradition and innovation with respect for the environment

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Delta Group Agroalimentare

Delta Group Agroalimentare heritage is a mixed journey among people who had always put and finalized ideas and strategies to the extra mile. The company dives its roots in the local market, thanks to the brilliant entrepreneurial idea of Mr. Giancarlo Scabin who brought the company into life. Since the beginning of the ’70s, he started serving the little local market through the offer of hen derived and poultry products.

— TASTY is a yellow chicken raised at a slow pace

TASTY chicken there is no better

Suitable for customers who are looking for the best quality chicken, TASTY goes beyond the typical product of its category. It has a lifecycle higher than 60 days, fully complying to the natural animal wellbeing.


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Pollo Pesante Giallo

Heavy yellow chicken bust

Pollo bianco rosticceria

White chicken bust catering

Yellow chicken bust catering

Gallina Leggera eviscerata

Light hen

Heavy bust hen

Gallina pesante congelata a metà

Heavy hen frozen in half

Cosciotto di pollo pesante intero

Heavy chicken thigh with hip

Whole wings of chicken in bulk

— Our services

The constantly high pace of innovation intrinsic to the company operations allows to exploit the newest technologies within its production system; in this way, the quality of the final product is always challenged and renewed, and of course more safety and effectiveness targets are brought to the processes.

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    Processing for third party

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    Freezing in cooling tunnel

  • — What we do

    Maintenance frozen product in the cell