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Our Company

Delta Group agroalimentare

Company profile

Growth has always been an outstanding factor within the company life and operations, gradually bringing an expansion in its commercial boundaries, where everything started from selling to local customers after which the business scaled up through gaining significant national market share. On top of that, in the recent years the business strengthened its presence also in the foreign markets, especially in the non-EU countries, taking over a prominent role which is mainly devoted to the high standards of the products sold.

The company development path has been possible thanks to outstanding skills and capabilities of its management, always willing to innovate and embrace the latest market trends over the years. This came to life by investing in new technologies and in many structural improvements, reflected for example in the workforce formation, marketing, logistic and administrative services which all ended up to be more skilled and valuable. The company is basically driven by a familiar mindset, with a managerial way of leading.

The constantly high pace of innovation intrinsic to the company operations allows to exploit the newest technologies within its production system; in this way, the quality of the final product is always challenged and renewed, and of course more safety and effectiveness targets are brought to the processes.

Sede di Rovigo

— Our Hystory

Tradition and Innovation since 1970

Delta Group Agroalimentare heritage is a mixed journey among people who had always put and finalized ideas and strategies to the extra mile. The company dives its roots in the local market, thanks to the brilliant entrepreneurial idea of Mr. Giancarlo Scabin who brought the company into life.

The positive and encouraging results obtained in the international market are the starting point towards new and important investments in the production facilities. Impetus is given to the technical innovation of the production department, a result being possible thanks to the presence of machineries with high technological standards. The logistic area is set up accordingly, being suitable for new product volumes coming out from the line, with the freezing unit also taking an important role thanks to its avantgarde technologies.

Our Mission

The objectives achieved constitute a motivational driver to further increase long-term investments, in terms of structure, technology and human resources training. A crucial point is the attention towards sustainability, and the growing quantity of resources increasingly dedicated to it. Furthermore, the company has already planned important investments in terms of new machinery and continuous process renewal. For example, a significant amount of capital is already allocated to energy from renewable sources. Commitment to all these aspects will allow us to embrace new challenges, as well as consolidate the company's role as a market leader.