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Our farm

Delta Group

The Green Heart
of Delta Group

Welcome to the green heart of our company, where a passion for raising high-quality chickens merges with respect for nature and animal welfare. Our belief is to ensure a healthy chicken, raised in a nutritious and ethical manner, while supporting the environment around us.

The diet of our chickens is carefully balanced and consists exclusively of natural foods, free from antibiotics, growth stimulants, or artificial additives. This approach guarantees not only the health of the animals but also the purity and authenticity of the products we offer.

We are proud of the farming methods we adopt, which reflect our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. The entire lifecycle of our farm is managed with the utmost care to ensure that every stage, from birth to table, is environmentally friendly and respectful of the animals.

The development area

— IThe company in numbers

The numbers of
a high-quality farm

• Farm area: approximately 70,000 sqm
• Agricultural land area: 56,000 sqm
• Warehouse area: approximately 6,000 sqm