Staff training

The company grows with people and guarantees opportunities and integration.
There is also a constant commitment to the training of people, each for his role and with the awareness that each is not an isolated element but is part of a functional organism. The company is constantly committed to improving the work environment through scheduled risk parameter analyzes


Food safety

The company continues to invest resources into the food safety, by ensuring the production standards through innovative assets with a high technology content.
The employees are trained for all the required tasks, with a specific attention to all the risks and dangers deriving from the safety when it comes to food. The company adopts the HACCP methodology, which guarantees to the final consumer a precise, punctual and unique product traceability.

The product cooling down process happens rapidly, with high technology installations, in order to guarantee the best hygiene safety. The "cold chain" is guaranteed also in the transportation phase, when the product is dispatched to the clients.