Main Sponsor
Delta Volley

2020/2021 season
A3 Credem Banca series

The successes obtained are the motivation for starting in the long-term planning of structural and technological investments and in the training and enhancement of human resources.

Main Sponsor

Promotion to the A2 series

In the 2020/21 season the Delta Group Rico Carni Porto Viro dominates the championship in the A3 series and hits the maximum goal: by winning the playoffs, he gets promotion to the A2 series.

This is certainly a prestigious result, which comes after 9 years of activity, starting from the D series and climbing all the rankings. It is the culmination of the efforts and commitment that have never been lacking and that have kept the team, the sponsor and the supporters together.

This goal, tenaciously pursued and become a reality, also constitutes a solid basis for facing an even more demanding challenge from a technical and competitive point of view. The team, the corporate structure and the sponsor will be more cohesive and focused to achieve even more important goals.

Title Sponsor
Delta Volley Porto Viro

2021/2022 season
A2 Credem Banca series

Delta Group Agroalimentare is the 2021-22 title sponsor of Delta Volley Porto Viro, the next participant in the Serie A2 Credem Banca championship.

"The Delta Volley project in recent years has been synonymous with organization, attention to detail, programming, a success story that fully reflects the growth of our company over the last 20 years. We are here and we are happy to be there, as a local company we could not let this opportunity slip away."

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